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AN-NASEEHA- Abu Aa’isha (08/02)

AN-NASEEHA- Abu Aa’isha (08/02)


People will usually show their true colours when you’re in need of help or facing some crisis. Remember, fair-weather friends are aplenty. They hang around you in good times. Their true nature is never shown or disclosed until times of trouble and turbulence. You’ll know your true friends then!‬ You can choose to either let fear paralyze you or allow your faith to take over & let the Almighty ALLAH guide you. It can be a daunting task when you don’t know what’s going on but if you trust Him, He can make the impossible a reality and achievable. That’s His job. Learn to move forward by faith!‬ If the Almighty ALLAH wants you to do something, He will give you the ability to carry it out to the best of your ability. Keep believing in yourself and keep Him in focus. Keep your head down and cut out distractions from your life. He will guide you. That’s how you will succeed!


Supplication is one of the best cures for diseases of the heart. Communicate with your heart & soul. Get close to The Almighty ALLAH. He will grant comfort. Don’t search for happiness in a place where you will not find it. Know that true happiness comes from Him and it lasts forever.Always have good thoughts of the Almighty ALLAH. You may feel hurt, wounded, broken or bitter but know that He’s aware of what you’re going through & more. He will never abandon you. He will unfold ways to heal you. Your heart will be happy & satisfied when you see what He has for you!Sooner or later, people will let you down; no matter how good they are. This is human nature; we all make mistakes and poor decisions from time to time. Remember, you came into this world alone and you depart from it alone. So depend on no one but yourself & the One who made you! ALLAH Ja’hala Wa’ala.

To many, success is all about achievements & material possessions. No! It’s how we use what the Almighty ALLAH has bestowed on us to live a life of purpose, serving others & spreading goodness. Whatever you do, don’t draw attention to yourself. Success is humble, not loud & boisterous!You’ll never always get exactly what you want in this world. You need to embrace the reality if you want to feel happy. Happiness will not come to those who are never grateful for the Almighty ALLAH’s blessings; those who don’t appreciate what they already have. So be thankful! Almighty ALLAH. Grant us tranquility & hope in this turbulent period that seems far from over. Many are confused & helpless, Keep us thankful always as many are suffering a lot more than us. We ask You for beautiful patience to endure what lies ahead. يارب العالمين..

Why are we always thinking about what can go wrong rather than what can go right? We seem to be experts in creating problems that weren’t even there in the first place. Simplify your thoughts. Use your time in the remembrance of the Almighty ALLAH and above all think positive thoughts!Delays are good. Do not regard every delay as negative. There is usually some hidden good & blessing behind delays. But we with our limited knowledge, get upset when delayed; we just want things to happen like clockwork. They don’t in real life. The Almighty ALLAH is in full control! We don’t deny that money is important. But you don’t have to go crazy over it. The Almighty ALLAH has written it down for you, there’s no need for you to lie, cheat, deceive, resort to fraudulent practices, abuse the rights of others just to make some extra bucks. Greed doesn’t pay! Do it well so that you can also make it well My Brothers.

Having faith is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t mean you know what’s going on all the time. It doesn’t mean you have the answers to everything. It means you lay full trust in the Almighty ALLAH who has all the solutions to your problems. He will unfold the plan when the time is right.We all struggle without a doubt; with our inner self, our mindset, society-led norms, procrastination, laziness, information overload etc. It’s an uphill task daily. Deal with the challenges; don’t let them get out of hand. Counter it with positivity, living life with a purpose! No matter how sad or low you feel, don’t opt for a temporary high by going against what the Almighty ALLAH has prescribed. It is foolish, it won’t last and you’ll end up feeling worse as a result. It will rob you of your inner peace and you’ll incur His Wrath. It’s just not worth it!

Stop seeking approval from people. The truth is it’s a never ending process. The more you seek it, the more you’ll want it. You’ll get to a stage where you can’t move on till you get people’s approval. Stop in your tracks! The only approval you need is from the One who made you!Stop allowing people to waste your time. Time is one of the precious gifts from the Almighty ALLAH. Respect it. If you don’t value your time, others won’t too. So set clear examples. Be disciplined. Finish tasks on time! Don’t be late for meetings! And don’t forget to pray on time!Don’t keep blaming others each time something goes wrong. Don’t keep looking for scapegoats. Be mature enough to stop complaining and take full responsibility for everything. Assess the situation and realize your mistake. Learn from it and try no to repeat it. That’s maturity!

Growth can be uncomfortable. Don’t resist it. Embrace it because it’s developing your character. It’s building endurance. It’s getting you prepared for the next stage of your development. Thank the Almighty ALLAH for choosing you. He’s granting favour for your future. Be grateful!Losing a loved one is never easy; whether sudden or foreseen it’s always heartbreaking. Grief can wreak havoc on our overall well being. That’s why it’s important to stay rooted to the Almighty ALLAH. Only He can lessen your heartache & comfort you in such times. Seek refuge in Him. Almighty ALLAH. Constantly remind us that we will all be returning to You, without exception; that our lives can end in a heartbeat. Young or old, when it’s time to go, we go. Help us make the best of our time here to prepare for what’s to come. The eternal, the everlasting. Aameen. يارب العالمين.

Our greatest disappointment comes when our expectations of who we want people to be don’t match the reality of who they really are. It’s easy to say don’t have expectations, but as humans we do. So be realistic in your expectations. Learn to depend on the Almighty ALLAH alone! No matter what’s going on, always uphold decent character & conduct. Let them criticise, let them pick on petty issues, let them say nasty things. Be good, be kind-hearted even if they are not. Remember there’s Judgement Day! They’ll pay their dues on The Day of Recompense. Don’t complicate life. It’s actually very straightforward. What you give, you get back eventually. What you sow, you reap. Spread goodness and kindness, it willl come back to you in many forms. The Almighty ALLAH loves the doers of good. What are you waiting for? Start today! Tomorrow maybe too late and dont forget Tomorrow is not Promised!

The Almighty ALLAH’s not only the source of love but the only One truly worthy of love! People will always let us down. Impermissible relationships will end in heartbreak. That’s why when we give them our hearts completely, we end up suffering heartbreak after heartbreak! Take heed! ‬The Almighty ALLAH knows things which you and I don’t. He pays attention. He’s aware who is talking about you behind your back, who is trying to bring you down. Why worry? You stand to gain a lot of good deeds on Judgement Day from those who have discredited you. Keep doing your best!Almighty ALLAH. We pray for ease amidst all the suffering going on in the world today. May You comfort every heart that’s experiencing the heaviness of loss. Only You can heal the brokenness and void left by loved ones gone. It’s a very trying period for many. Grant us utmost patience!‬

Change your priorities. Focus on that which matters. Not on other people’s lives, their drama, problems & behaviour. That’s not your business. You need to fix what needs fixing in your life. Don’t be distracted. Don’t compare your life to others. Circumstances are never the same!Clear your doubts quickly. Else, it will fester and eat into your heart and mind. You’ll find yourself deeper in doubt. It’s not healthy because it can start chipping away your faith. Remember, none of us made it this far in our lives by ourselves. The Almighty ALLAH protected us!Stop beating yourself when things happen. Focus more on the positives. You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes. Consider them as learning opportunities. Above all, be patient with yoursel. It’s a quality endeared by the Almighty ALLAH!

Triple T wishes you piece of mind in all your affairs!

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