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Detoxification is a natural system/method of Getting rid of toxins from the body.
There are several methods for Detoxification, however we’ll be looking at a simple foot bath homemade detoxification that won’t take your time nor burden you at all.

We have emphasised on the importance of detoxification and its importance towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will keep you far away from the hospitals.
Detoxification is something that should be done as often as possible ( atleast once a week ) no matter how busy your life or schedule may be/seem.

Foot bath Homemade Detoxification is an external methods which involves foot bath that will not only expel the toxins from your body but will relax you, get rid of the unpleasant odor of the feet after a long day in shoes and totally destroy bad bacteria and fungi in the body.

Materials needed Foot Bath Detoxification?

⏩. A foot basin filled with a warm water
⏩. A teaspoon of lemon juice
⏩. A teaspoon of Epsom salt/Baking Soda(Whichever is available)
⏩. 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
⏩. One or two Scent (Nchionwu, Efirrin) leaves or even Mint leaves
⏩. Foot scrub
⏩. Foot moisturiser if you have or use your body cream.


Put all the aforementioned items (2-5) into the bowl of warm water. Ensure that the water is not lukewarm neither should it be too hot that it burns the skin.
Soak your foot in the foot bath for 15 minutes. Scrub the foot a bit with the foot scrub and then towel dry. Apply your moisturiser and go sleep.

Do this as often as you can. Atleast once every two weeks.
It will not only relax your body and mind but it Lowers stress and does the job of a complete detox as the same time.


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