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Care and Cure against Infections

Care and Cure against Infections

How do we care for our private parts; washing with soap & sponge just as we wash our body? No, not at all.

There are many ways infections can get into our body, majorly from the private parts.
Out of 100% of disease related to the women , infections carry 70%. Allah is so merciful to us, that He’s endowed us with natural remedies in forms of food, however only very few of us is able to consume what will benefit the body- natural foods.
These natural infections fighters (natural remedies) which Allah’s endowed us with, are being damaged & killed as a result of what we insert into our private parts (antiseptic, anti…etc.) while caring for it.

Many of various methods, adopted by some women to care for their private parts are not but healthwisely detrimental to their private parts. Methods like washing it from the internal, or with chemicals or from the down (anus) to up (vagina): only the external parts (the three layers) are required to be washed. Nothing order than natural water should be inserted into the private part during cleansing.

Furthermore, a woman must always be with a small and clean towel to drain the remnant of water or liquid substances after urination or cleansing the private parts with water. Many of women are ignorant of this, ensure your private parts are dried before wearing your pants or underwear.
Never wear underwear immediately or when your private part is welt or damp unless it’s dried, otherwise it may enable the organisms to grow, therefore causes infections and some other vagina related diseases.

Moreso, most of the challenges faced during sex, from the issue of erectile dysfunctions, infections etc. occur as a result of what we consume, then the physical preparation made before sex (cleanliness, drugs etc), this is necessary. Sexual enjoyments lie in the cleanliness of the both parties.
One of the ways through which infections penetrate into the body (women) and of which majority of women do not take note of is during cleansing of the private part after toilets. Most times when women clean themselves from the down to up, certain particles (faeces / urine) mixed with bacteria unknowingly get into the body.

There are certain organisms from excreta which are detrimental to the body system when they get in via private parts. The neatness or cleansing of the internal parts depend on what we consume; fruits, nuts, vegetables & other natural foods. The kind of foods we consume determines the ability of the body to produce the fluids (vagina lubricants, etc.) that prevent the vagina from infectious bacteria.
It’s not necessary for us to be worried on finding alternative means to clean the internal private parts, this is naturally done by itself so long we are mindful of our consumption, natural food such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, enough water etc.

For the better enjoyments of each other during sex, let the woman boil some water, then palm her private part with it then clean up with it afterwards rub the area with zaytun oil and feel the enjoyments; this will be enjoyed by the two parties.

Infections do not penetrate unless they are allowed to through the openings of our body; mouth & private parts. Let us be cautious about what to consume and how to clean up our private parts.
Women should always ensure their underwears are the types that could be pressed with electric iron before wearing them in order to prevent survival of some bacteria. Alternatively, ensure the underwear (pants) are well dried under the scorching sun before use.

More so, infections can occur when the couples are done with the first round of sex but fail to urinate and clean up before another round. Urination after sex plays a very vital roles in preventing the couples from contacting infections, the urine contains some chemical substances which are poisonous to some bacteria (infections), likewise it flushes out the bacteria struggling to penetrate through this openings. Therefore, we’re urged to practice this act during sex between each other. It has a lot to do in preventing us from the unnecessary infections.

The Natural Medicines which can be used to cure these infections are
Fenugreek (hulbah): cook then pour it in a bowl you will be able to sit on, so the heat from it can penetrate through the private part.
Clove: cook then pour it in a bowl you will be able to sit on so the heat from it can penetrate the private part. You may equally mix the two items. Do that for at least a week.

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