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Rarely will you see an office without opposite sex staff. As men are struggling to be employed, so as women. In most offices where males are boss, secretaries are often females. So, it is essential for a person who fear his Lord to observe his relationship with opposite sex else, such person will dine and wine with the devil.

Recently a veteran journalist, Alhaji Abdur-Razaq Abdus-Salaam Awayewaserere, the Director of Public/Cooperate Affairs, Voice of Nigeria, Lagos enlightened professionals on workplace ethics in relation with opposite sex staff.

Alhaji Abdur-Razaq Abdus-Salaam popularly known as Abu Umar Al-Faruq is a season author of different books and a man of wealth of experience as he has been leading and relating with different people since his young age. Speaking on different types of staff that are dangerous to relate with in offices, Alhaji Abdur Razaq categorised them into the following:

Frustrated Marriage Products (FMP)
These are staff who are having crisis in their marital homes. They are not seeing divorce as option due to some reasons. However, their marital homes are best describe as Hell. Your little generous to them counts a lot and makes you an angel.
They are ready to discuss their marital affairs with you, and always ready to dance to any tune you play because they are seeing you as their paradise. If you aren’t careful, you will not know when your discussion and relationship promote to extra marital affairs.

Non-Marriagable Individuals
These are staff who are not ready to settle down for a marital affairs. They might have experience of divorce or have bad marital experience in the past. They believed that marriage is a bondage where you loose your freedom.
These type of staff are ready to woo you to their sexual satisfaction and are mindless either their relationship disrupt your own peaceful matrimonial home or not. There presence is like chameleon; they are ready to bend to your rules just that they should be able to win your heart

Real Time Harlots
They are easy to identify in your office. They are best describe as ‘anywhere, anytime, any how’. When they meet you, they will wink at you, speak to arouse your organ, share sex sensitive video clips and pictures with you and even bold enough to ask you out. They are often ready to spend more time in your office in seclusion. They aren’t afraid to send you love messages, video chats you while in nude and even call to discuss with you in odd hours. They are nothing but messengers of lucifer.

Manipulated Staff
They start relating with you, moving closer with you, divulging their marital issues to you, in nut shell, they declare to you that you are their confidant. Before you realize their evil plots, they might have been cooking palatable food for you, asking you the best sex position you admire most and what are the things that turn you on when it comes to sex play. At this time, you may not be able to step back from their flirty plans

Married but seeking
Such staff are tired of their marital relationship but have not divorce their spouses because they don’t want to remain single. They are only waiting to win a replacement before requesting for divorce. They are the most nice staff to you. They take time to study your weak point and the challenges you are facing in your matrimonial home. Then, they present themselves to you in a way you will find it difficult to resist.

Measurement to be taken on evil staff
Though, may be difficult, but you just have to take the following measurement so as to safeguard your relationship with your Lord:

Close the door of idle talk
Engaging in idle talk with opposite sex is quiet easy and interesting. The day you start the idle talk with an opposite sex in your marks the day you plant the seed of becoming partner in crime with such staff. And the day that idle talk replaces your daily devotion to your Lord is the day you are finished. Before you realised what is going on, you might have seen yourself dinning, winning and sleeping with the devil.
If you don’t force yourself to change direction, you won’t know when you will be appreciating such physique and before you come back to your senses, it may be after the second round.

Be very firm with opposite sex staff
Let your relationship remain on business alone. Do not digress, let any staff who have matrimonial home discuss with the leaders of the centre of their worship centres or family members. If it comes to the worst, such staff should employ a counsellor of same sex.

Close your pocket for them
Once you observe evil opposite sex as staff, become stingy to such. Close your pocket and avoid special treatment. A single care to such evil will be backed with ‘one good turn deserves another’
Do you have any experience with evil staff in your office?

Muslim sisters stop inviting shaytan!

Don’t say the following words to men who are not your husbands:-
I miss you,
I love you,
I am in my period,
I am /was bathing,
I am in bed e.t.c

Because that can eventually attract the sexual desire of a man towards you.

Be careful the way you talk and smile to men because that can also make a man get attracted to you.

Remember all men are extremely weak when it comes to lustful desires, except by the mercy of Allah, protect your dignity and let a man love you because of your Deen and not any other thing for surely the beauty of a woman will fade off but her Deen and character stays with her forever.

May Allah (Sub-haanahu wata’aala) guide us.


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