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Diagnosis for the Diseases caused by the Jinns Afflictions

Diagnosis for the Diseases caused by the Jinns Afflictions

It’s a very pitiful situation when you see or hear someone who battles with disease(s), spending almost all his or her wealth, selling his or her properties just to get better and healed. Afterwards, he or she will be put under illness management, taking life drugs, having been known in the pharmaceutical company or in the hospital just as a musicians are being known by their fans. Approaching and interrogating some of these clients on how and what led to their illnesses and how they’ve been managing it, after due observations and diagnostic analysis and measures, we will later discover, that some of these illnesses are jinns related illnesses.

Today, it’s unbelievable that, some types of jinn, among the Jinns (‘Aashiq) dwell and live in some people’s body, women especially, without making any obvious signs for years. Alhamdulillaah, for we have had discoveries and means to know whether someone is possess or not. This is not to create unnecessary fears, but to gear and ignite us towards detecting the problem and the source at the right time so its treatments begin appropriately. This can be done by someone on another person or be done by oneself.

Method is as follows below

Perform ablution and observe 2 raka’h of naafilah (two standings), after tasleem (salamah) , then start reciting ruqyah on yourself or someone else recites it on you in a clean environment where there no pictures, images or sculptures of life objects, preferably in the masjid (mosque) . Your reactions are observed and gathered to determine whether you’re possess or not.

Some of the reactions to be observed

  1. Crying or weeping: in this case the victim maybe crying profusely, with tears coursing out. When the victim is asked for why he or she cries, there will be no reason or he she may mention things unusual.
  2. Shivering or jacking : also the victim under the ruqyah maybe shivering like he or she is catching cold. He or she maybe feeling cold sensations on some of his or her body, like toes, fingers, ankles, shoulders forehead etc.
  3. Shouting or screaming: if care is not taken, the person doing the ruqyah (raaqee) may be scared and wants to run away as a result of the screams.
  4. Talking in different languages: the victims maybe talking in unfathomable languages of which human beings will find not easy to comprehend
  5. Possessing various voices: the victim maybe interchanging different voices, sometimes talk in deep voice, light voice, baby voice or even at times make bird sounds.

Furthermore, when a patient has been going to the hospitals for series of tests, scans and other check-ups but nothing was found, meanwhile he or she is seriously feeling uncomfortable and indisposed, before spending more than expected, it’s advisable to diagnose such a person of jinns (spiritual illness) illness.

Triple T has discovered that, a lot of patients battling with one disease or the other, only lavish their wealth in treating diseases of jinns in the hospital. Unfortunately, this cannot be treated using orthodox medicines unless until the jinns are exorcised. Sometimes, after the exorcism, then orthodox medical services may be applied or may not be necessary any longer, the patients get healed after the exorcism depending on the health damages.

The diseases that can be caused by the jinns (if Allah wills)

It’s not a doubt, that every disease that occurs medically can also occur or be caused by the jinns. Some of these diseases are:
 Depression
 Infertility
 Epilepsy
 Psychosis
 Arthritis
 Diabetes
 Hypertension
 Convulsions
 Cancer
 Headache
 Migraine
 HIV and Aids
 Eyes disease
 Alopecia
 Skin disease, and many more.

In Islam, one is not a Muslim until one believes in the existence of jinns, and must also believe that evil eyes are real. Likewise, you must not go extreme in your beliefs and neither to come in laxity. Believing that nothing or no one can afflict you except by Allah’s permission, that is, it can occur only if Allah wills, must also be firm.
In addition, we should also not forget, that affliction is of two types, the one caused by our hands ( disobedience to the creator) and the one Allah sends to test our eeman (this happens more to the righteous ones).


It’s highly important to know the type of person or type of practitioner to consult for either the ruqyah or the diagnosis, so you don’t add more to your problems when you meet a wrong practitioners who use jinns (charm) to drive or treat diseases related to jinns. This can lead to a worse situation ever, be careful and take heed.
Check our previous posts on jinns afflictions to know who are the wrong practitioners and who can we consult.

Triple T wishes us sound health!


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